Reforms and interior design

More than 50 professionals collaborate with us ensuring their peace of mind, through a team of experts composed of architects, technical architects, interior designers and specialists by trades, including project management technicians in charge of project coordination.

We visit your home, office or local, we want to listen to you and discover your needs.

We advise on the choice of materials and decoration, we adapt your home, office or local to your expectations

possibility to finance part of your work and facilitate the way of payment

We take care of the details and the quality of the works

Our aim is to ensure your peace of mind

We help shape your ideas, maximizing distribution possibilities without neglecting aesthetics and functionality

We provide a detailed budget, distribution plans and a dossier of ideas and qualities, without costs or commitment

We manage documentation and work license

Turnkey delivery times, with penalty for non-compliance

Company of Integral Reforms

In Santo Mauro, a reform company, we know what our customers need: trust, quality, price, reliability and guarantee.

By reforming your home, we help you reconfigure the spaces, improving the habitability to achieve the desired environment.

Redistribute the structure of the house, smooth walls, choose new materials in floors or tiles, renovate electrical and plumbing installations, new windows …

Our goal is that the reform of your home in Madrid is an exciting time in your life.


  • New tiling and flooring in kitchen and bathroom.
  • New plumbing installation in kitchen and bathroom (6 points).
  • New electrical installation (box, 6 points of light, 14 plugs and vitro).
  • New wood joinery (5 solid step doors, Ac4 pallet).
  • Gotelet painting.

10,500 €

– Ability to pay your reform in 12 months without interest, consult us.


  • Includes tiles, washbasin, toilet, shower tray and Victoria Series Rock fitting.

11,500 €

– Ability to pay your reform in 12 months without interest, consult us.


Prices do not include VAT.

Reforms for individuals >>

Integral renovation, redistribution to get more bedrooms or bathrooms, doors, windows, floors, exterior reconditioning, facahada rehabilitation, etc.

Reforms for companies >>

Comprehensive turnkey projects, building rehabilitation, facade insulation, structural reinforcement, installation of smoke extraction systems, aluminosis repair with custom solutions, excellent prices and quality